On-site Resource Deployment

On-site Resource Deployment

The dynamics of the pharmacovigilance industry are changing on a daily basis with advancement in technology and skilled resource handling. Fidelity Health Services (FHS), supports its client with skilled resource deployment services for their respective pharmacovigilance functions. Fidelity Health Services takes charge of end-to-end resource management right from their recruitment, on-boarding, training, deployment, retention, and overall engagement through their 2 engagement models:

Two approaches under

Under both the approaches, Fidelity Health Services works closely with its client to facilitate smooth functioning of the FTE/FSP model within budgets and maintain high quality & timely deliverables.

End to End Pharmacovigilance
Support Onsite and Offsite

Round the clock or customised hotline numbers for MIS

Peer review of inquiries received/logged

End to end ICSR processing

Initial case intake & data entry of the ICSRs

Drafting of aggregate report (PSUR, PADER, PBRER, others)

Medical review of MIS Inquiries and/or ICSRs

Quality review
of ICSRs

All other
PV functions

What makes us preferred
Resource Management Partner

In an ever-changing pharmacovigilance landscape, we give you the confidence you need in your Resource Management solution
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